Why Target-Setting is a Must-Do

Suzzie from Brandsyard

Target setting is an activity that both individuals and corporate organisations engage in.

It should be a conscious activity that is carefully thought out, written down and more importantly, regularly reviewed and adjusted as need be.

Targets could be set for either the short, mid or long-term.

Whatever is the duration, a target has to be: SMART- Specific Measurable Articulate Realistic and Time-bound for it to be successful.

A target is a plan for the future and below are some of the benefits of target setting:

  • It enables one link their present with the future

*It keeps one on track and in the right direction

*It keeps one focused on the right activities

*It enables one maximise their scarce resources to achieve maximum gain.

At Brandsyard, we help our clients achieve their sales target by identifying their target audience (consumer) and leveraging the appropriate connection point that suit the brand essence.

This has been a justifiable approach for awareness edge leading to advocacy and repeat brand patronage with strong impact on bottomline.

Get in touch with us today via telephone, email or any of our social media platforms and let Brandsyard create the future that you dreamed of.

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